Chocolate Fountains:
Looking for a Chocolate Fountain provider in your area that provides Chocolate Fountain rentals for your event? Not only are Over The Top Chocolate Fondue Fountains the finest and quietest chocolate fountains in the world, they are also the most beautiful. Many other fountains have un-proportional tiers or narrow basins. Over The Top Chocolate's precision engineered fountains are designed to provide the most symmetrical streamlined curves and edges, so that your fountain not only runs flawlessly, but will have the visual appeal that will leave your guests amazed no matter what the occasion.
Commercial Chocolate Fountains:


* Fountain is 85 cm tall and requires at least 6 Kg of Belgium chocolate;
* Commercial Chocolate Fountain, delivered to your venue;
* Machine assistant on site;
Belgian Chocolate as required;
Negotiable operating time;
* Perfect for events up to 250 people;
* Budget  between R15 - R25 per head. Final price depends on the number of quests and the venue.
Special discount prizes available for catering services for Hotels, Caterers, Barnyard Facilities, Convention Center's and Wedding Planners.
Dipping items are not included and can be provided by you,
or your caterer.
You provide us with a sturdy table capable of
supporting at least 50 kg.
You provide us with a 250V, earthed power point to connect the chocolate fountain unit.



Life’s little moments
are often the ones
That create the
fondest memories’.
When the moment
passes, the memory
will live on in the minds
and the hearts
of all those
who experiences it.